Tech Labs VR featured in Discovery Channel documentary

As most of you have probably seen in the Tech Labs Newsletters, the Tech Labs have been working on a virtual neighborhood for studying burglary. These studies are a collaboration between the NSCR (Jean-Louis van Gelder), the University of Porstmouth (Claire Nee) and the Network Institute’s Tech Labs (Marco Otte). The previous version of the Virtual Environment was used in several studies including one carried out in British prisons using actual criminals.

Discovery Channel made a short documentary of this study which features our virtual neighborhood.

At the moment we are working on the second version of the neighborhood featuring many more houses with different features offering an even more realistic environment to use in studies.

Creatr 3D printer has arrived

In the Game Cella’ Tech Lab the Creatr 3D printer from Leapfrog has arrived.

The printer was bought by the Selemca project in which a consortium of partners is researching the application of emotional affective and morally reasonable robots in healthcare. The printer is meant for rapid-proto-typing both for the robots of the project and in general.

The printer will of course also be available for other researchers. Please contact Marco Otte to discuss possibilities.
The Creatr 3D Printer