Newstracker presented at DHBenelux 2015

On June 8th, Martijn Kleppe (Faculty of Humanities) presented the set-up and first results of the Newstracker at the DHBenelux 2015 conference in Antwerp, Belgium. This tool, developed by Marco Otte of the Network Institute and supported by a Network Institute Academy Assistant aims to track the online behaviour of a group of 50 respondents. Participants installed a proxy in their web browser that tracked all visited websites. Overnight, the log file is being cleaned, only the URLs of 4.000 pre-defined websites are being saved and the textual and visual contents of news websites are being scraped and saved for later analyses. Currently, the fieldwork of the Newstracker is in its final phase and the first analyses have been made.

The Newstracker is part of the research project “The New News Consumer: User-based Innovation to Meet Paradigmatic Change in News Use and Media Habits” (see, a collaboration between the VU University Amsterdam and the University of Groningen, sponsored by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Dutch journalism organizations Buitenhof, De Persgroep Nederland, EenVandaag, EO, NCRV, NDC Mediagroep, Nieuwsuur, and NOS Nieuws. The project is led by prof. dr. Irene Costera Meijer. Tim Groot Kormelink works as PhD student on the project.

For more information about the Newstracker, please contact Martijn Kleppe.



Documentaire “Ik ben Alice”

In samenwerking met het Netwerk Instituut Selemca project (onderdeel van het CRISP platform), heeft Sander Burger een documentaire gemaakt over hoe een meer menselijke zorgrobot, Alice, ingezet zou kunnen worden in de praktijk.

De documentaire haalt veel publiciteit en heeft nu ook een eigen website!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.23.12


Tech Labs en VR Criminal Research

In the Correspondent an interview was posted about criminological research using Virtual Reality.  Jean-Lious van Gelder (NSCR) collaborated with Marco Otte of the Network Institute Tech Labs who created the Virtual Environment to research burglary behaviour (see Tech Labs Newsletter).

To read the full article, click here.

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Tech Labs Fall 2014 Newsletter

Get the latest information about a selection of projects that are supported by the Tech Labs in the Fall 2014 Newsletter.

Download the Newsletter.





UvA and VU Tech Labs now virtually together

In an attempt to further collaboration of the UvA and VU Informatics departments, the two UvA Tech Labs (the RoboLab and the UX/Gaming Lab) have been added to the Network Institute web site. This way users of both universities can easily obtain information about all five Tech Labs, see who’s using a lab at which dates and make reservations on-line.
This also enables researchers from the VU to use UvA Tech Labs and vice versa.

The RoboLab of the UvA focusses on facilitating students and researchers to experiment with several different robots and sensor systems. The Lab is for example used to program Nao robots to play RoboCup Soccer. Arnoud Visser  is the lab’s manager.
The UX/Gaming Lab is designed to be used for research and demonstrations within the Informatics Institute. It is especially aimed at hosting experiments with users interacting with multimedia and mobile technology (smart phones, tablets, game console, etc). Frank Nack is the manager of this lab.

For more information please visit the page for each of the labs under the Tech Labs menu entry.

For any information about the Tech Labs, please contact Marco Otte.

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The VisMet project

First online corpus of visual metaphors

A collaboration between the Metaphor Lab (VU Faculty of Arts) and the Network Institute, the VisMet corpus will host different genres and types of visual metaphors, mainly collected from advertisements, political cartoons and artworks (see examples below). The project is coordinated by Dr. Marianna Bolognesi, in collaboration with prof. Gerard Steen and the research assistant Esther van den Berg from the Metaphor Lab, Marco Otte from the Tech Labs, and prof. Lora Aroyo from the Network Institute. The corpus can be used for scientific and educational purposes by researchers and students from different fields. It will be implemented by Marco Otte through Word Press. A demo version of VisMet, hosting 500 images, will be released in late spring.




Tech Labs Newsletter Fall 2013

Read all about the latest Tech Labs news in the Fall 2013 newsletter. Visitors, research, new equipment and news about the new building.

Click here to directly view the newsletter (PDF) or go to the newsletter page to also view older newsletters.




AmCAT version 3.2 is now live!

The AmCAT team just uploaded a brand new version of the AmCAT platform and opened up a brand new blog about the tool.

AmCAT is an open source platform for text analysis aimed at scientists from the social sciences and humanities. AmCAT is easy to use and offers a wide range of possibilities for analyzing texts. With AmCAT, a researcher can upload texts and explore and analyse them in various ways through our web interface or directly from R or other toolkits. You can choose to setup your own AmCAT server or use our host at, but in any case your data always remains your data and you can control who can access it and you can access and export your data in a variety of standard formats so you are never tied in to AmCAT.

Interested in using AmCAT? It’s free to use on the VU server or your own. The code is open source and developers are invited to add functionality to AmCAT.

Check out the blog with all the latest news and information about AmCAT.
Or directly access the AmCAT server and start working with it.



Official Mobdro Application Download

Official Mobdro Application Download and install

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Mobdro is not offered on the Google Play Store, and also the Official Version can be downloaded and install straight from this internet site.

Mobdro APK Download – Update December 2016

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Please note that Mobdro APK Mobdro is a totally free application, although there is a paid version If you are experiencing any one of these issues with Mobdro, please scroll to the top of this page to download and install the latest cost-free variation.

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Mobdro Download Versions

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Tech Labs during summer 2013

If you are planning on using the Network Institute Tech Labs during July and August of 2013 (see planning), please make your reservations in time so that we will be able to help you set up your experiment properly. If you need more extensive support (eg. programming, purchasing of soft- or hardware, etc) then please contact Marco Otte a.s.a.p. to make sure everything is up-and-running in time.

Although the support for the Tech Labs will be less available during July and August, the Tech Labs will remain available during these months. In some cases specials arrangements have to be made to gain access to a Tech Lab.

If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marco Otte.

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Tech Labs: Experiment on moral reasoning in video games

In April of 2013 two master students of the Communication Department (Faculty Social Sciences and part of the Network Institute) will research if and to what extend moral reasoning plays a role in playing video games, in this case Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

After the conclusion of the experiment, more information will be posted on this web site.