2 Cool Monkeys

2CoolMonkeys, bestaande uit creatieve geesten en technisch specialisten, richt zich sinds 2008 op de wereld van de app. We inspireren, creëren en vertalen uw behoeften en ideeën in apps voor smartphones en tablets. In collaboration with Chris van Aart.


Study green ICT practices. In collaboration with Qing Gu.


A report on the dynamics that foster or hinder knowledge collaboration in an online network. In collaboration with Marlous Agterberg.


Develop a method for representing skills and an algorithm for mapping them. In collaboration with Zuzana Sasovova and Damian Tamburri


How to publish spatial data in the semantic web. In collaboration with Willem van Hage.

Het Kadaster

Building an an online Playground environment for Linked Open Data. In collaboration with Christophe Gueret

De belastingdienst

How can a party reuse the data of another party when there are differences in interpretation? In collaboration with Rinke Hoekstra.


Making robots communicate in healthcare situations. Developing new and  inexpensive virtual reality hardware. In collaboration with Johan Hoorn.


Making life easier for Open Data producers and consumers. In collaboration with Victor de Boer


A benchmarking research project on Facebook interactions between companies and customers. What kinds of language usage produces the highest degree of interaction? In collaboration with Tessa van Charldorp


Build software to help the user find cultural heritage objects based on cultural heritage data attributes (e.g. style, material, chronology dating). In collaboration with Piek Vossen


Develop new pricing models for cloud platforms that will enable better use and sharing of available resources between datacenters, in order to obtain more energy efficiency and IT utilization. In collaboration with…


A literature study investigating how to attract and maintain a durable, online knowledge sharing community. In collaboration with Irma Borst.