Swarm Hacking

The project will carry out a twofold exploration of “Swarm Hacking”. The technical track will explore the possibilities of hacking a group of robots, while the legal track will interpret these activities based on current legislation. The overall goal is to produce a wake-up call, i.e., a case study that will be used (pro)actively to create awareness in the related professional communities as well as in the general public and politics.

Knowledge sharing for the rural poor

Knowledge sharing is a key influence on development of the rural poor, with ICT as a critical enabler, providing for instance critical market data or weather information to sustenance farmers, through low-tech, mobile or radio technologies. In this project, we take a Linked Data approach, thereby adding a new dimension to ICT4D research and practice. Linked Data allows for flexible, multi-layered knowledge sharing, independent of infrastructure and interfaces.

Medical Trust Networks

When it comes to health, the online debate can be very intense, involving a range of actors, from government and science institutions to citizens voicing opinions in (organized) patient forums, blogs, and tweets. This project will make a first investigation to detect belief system dynamics in online trust networks, aiming to study how beliefs converge, collide, and are countered, and how (dis)trust develops within and between trust networks over time.