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CubiclesHigh accuracy eye trackingEasy to use eye tracking softwareObservation camerasCustom-made interfaces

How to get there?

The Media Lab can be used to perform reading time and reaction time experiments as well as behavioral observations of people who are confronted with media products. In the Media Lab, you can record conversations, sample facial expressions with Web cams, do telephone surveys, and code language and visual materials. The Media Lab has 10 sound proof cubicles for experimentation, an experimenter room, and a large meeting room for group observations, equipped with 10 PCs, telephone connections, microphones, cameras, and an LCD projector. What does the Media Lab offer you?

  • Eye tracking, high frequency and high resolution
  • 10 cubicles with standard PC’s
  • Meeting room with PC’s and audio-video recording equipment

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How to get there?
The MediaLab is located on the 11th floor of the Main Building on the VU Campus. Enter the Main Building and take the main elevators to either the 10th or 12th floors and use the stairs to get to the 11th.



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