RoboLab UvA

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The Intelligent Robotics Lab at the UvA Science Park focusses on using and programming humanoid and other robots.

You can find the RoboLab in room: Science Park C3.165.
To get access please contact Arnoud Visser.

What does the RoboLab offer you?

  • UMI-RTX robotarm
  • Sony Aibo ERS-7
  • Sony Aibo ERS-111
  • AR.Drone v1
  • AR.Drone v2
  • CrazyFly v1
  • CrazyFly v2
  • Aldebaran Nao V3+
  • Aldebaran Nao V4
  • Aldebaran Nao V5
  • Aldebaran Nao V6
  • Softbank Pepper
  • Jumping Sumo
  • Rolling Spider
  • Monarch MBot
  • Mambo microdrone
  • Orak Hydrofoil microdrone
  • Kuka youBot
  • Hokuyo laser scanner URG-04LX (distance sensor)
  • Hokuyo laser scanner UTM-30LX (distance sensor)
  • Scance 3D Laser Scanner
  • Microsoft Kinect 1 (depth sensor)
  • Microsoft Kinect 2 (depth sensor)
  • Asus Xtion Pro Live (depth sensor)
  • RealSense D435i (depth camera)
  • Structure Core ST02D-C (depth camera)
  • Xsens MTi-G-700 (inertia GPS sensor)
  • Ricoh Theta (306 deg camera)
  • OptiTrack 6 Flex 13 motion capture
  • Shero BB-8
  • Tuk Tuk Race microdrone
  • Mars Cargo microdrone
  • DepthSense DS325 (depth sensor)
  • Philips ICat
  • E-puck2 with Omnivision v3


To make a reservation, please use the Reservation Form link in the menu.
Please note that items with a [Option] suffix are not yet approved by the Tech Lab team.