History Next Market in Intertain Tech Lab

To celebrate their 125th year, the History Magazine (Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis) invited guests and speakers to the Network Institute’s Intertain Tech Lab on January 25, 2013.
The History Next Market consisted of seven lectures and a multitude of technical demonstration to show visitors how state-of-the-art technology helps historical research and makes it available to the general public (more…).

history_next4 history_next1

For example:
Kees Ribben (NIOD & EUR) showed how digital technology can help historical research by researching the subjects of interest over the past five years of the History Magazine.
Jose van Kruif (UU) showed how text-mining can be used for historical research using www.bmgn-lchr.nl.
Inger Leemans (VU) talked about the limitations of the current way in which researcher (have to) publish their results. Alternative ways of presenting research like TED talks, nano-publications and multimedia could pave the way for a freer way of disseminating knowlegde.

history_next3 history_next2

The demonstrations included the launch of a mobile application (Spel van de Gouden Eeuw), using augmented reality to connect historical images with current situations, interactive maps with access to historical databases, using eye tracking to study how people look at historical paintings, and much more.

The History Next Market also launched a brand new website: www.tijdschriftvoorgeschiedenis.nl.