The Network Institute in “True Science” campaign

The Network Institute has a double representation in the Volkskrant’s campaign on “True Science”.

The Volkskrant’s campaign is aimed at highlighting best practices of verifiable science and at investigating the relationship between journalists and scientists (see

After an internal call among the members of the Network Institute, the Volkskrant selected two members of the Network Institute to participate in the campaing: Guszti Eiben, with his research on evolving robots, and Natalie van der Wal, on ICT for stimulating a healthy lifestyle. See With two representatatives (out of a total of twelve nationally), the Network Institute’s research has a strong representation in this media campaign. In fact, the entire VU representation in this campaign is from the Network Institute. Congratulations to Guszti Eiben and Natalie van der Wal for this public exposure of their research.

Late breaking news: Guszti Eiben’s research already had its first presentation in the Volkskrant:

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