The HuisKluis: let your house be your data center

A physical location, with a postcode and a number, is the heart of companies and families. There is a lot of public information relevant to this particular building such as the market value (WOZ), the rental location value, the energy consumption that the government has and can make available to the owners. There is also a lot of additional information the government does not have access to such as photographies or maps of internal arrangements. Such information could be put into great use by public services such as the fire brigade to come better informed in case the building gets on fire. The main problem is that citizens do not have an easy access to all their building’s public data scattered among different services, nor any of these services have an easy access to the citizen’s data.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 08.30.06The “HuisKluis” is a concept application developped in the context of the project Pilot Linked Open Data in collaboration with Geonovum. It is one place where citizens can get access to all the relevant information for their house or company and provide additional restricted data. This private data is shared with other services and application at their discretion. Currently, two prototypes of the HuisKluis have been developped [see here and here] as web hosted application, the first of these was presented at the European Data Forum 2013 in Dublin on April 9. These two prototypes leverage public data being made available as Linked Open Data to collect and then expose the public data. Apart from further working on these prototypes, the next phase of the project include working on a physical HuisKluis. That is a device one would buy and put into a house, similar to the smart meters for gas and electricity. There is also ongoing activities around gathering data from such meters and other kind of sensors to import them into the HuisKluis.
Soon, the house will not only be the center of social activity but also be the access point to all the relevant data as well, in a safe and controled way.