AmCAT version 3.2 is now live!

The AmCAT team just uploaded a brand new version of the AmCAT platform and opened up a brand new blog about the tool.

AmCAT is an open source platform for text analysis aimed at scientists from the social sciences and humanities. AmCAT is easy to use and offers a wide range of possibilities for analyzing texts. With AmCAT, a researcher can upload texts and explore and analyse them in various ways through our web interface or directly from R or other toolkits. You can choose to setup your own AmCAT server or use our host at, but in any case your data always remains your data and you can control who can access it and you can access and export your data in a variety of standard formats so you are never tied in to AmCAT.

Interested in using AmCAT? It’s free to use on the VU server or your own. The code is open source and developers are invited to add functionality to AmCAT.

Check out the blog with all the latest news and information about AmCAT.
Or directly access the AmCAT server and start working with it.