Promo video for ICT4D course

Do you think Web Science can be useful for Regreening in Africa? If you want to know, visit, if you have good ideas, you can join the W4RA community, worldwide.

A new course on ICT4D, “ICT for Development” for master students of computer science, information science and artificial intelligence will start on March 31, at VU University Amsterdam. You will learn about ICTs in Africa, build your own voice application using VXML, or help us to downscale the semantic web, and make it useful for people in remote regions in e.g. the Sahel, or build an awesome application for the XO, that small cool green “One laptop per Child” OLPC. Apart from that, you will listen to interesting lectures by world class experts on ICT4D ! This unique course is set up especially for students of VU University Amsterdam ! The Web for Regreening in Africa – film by Leeuw van Moerkerken 2014 from Anna Bon on Vimeo.