Network Institute researcher Patricia Lago starts a new Sustainability Urban Lab

Lago_patriciaPatricia Lago has started a new Sustainability Urban Lab with OMALA and Green IT Amsterdam.
OMALA, VU University Amsterdam and Green IT Amsterdam are developing a sustainability urban lab to strengthen the innovative and sustainability vision and plans of the Airport Garden City, an area between Amsterdam-Lelystad Airport (subsidiary company of Schiphol) and the A6 motorway, spanning 660 hectares. OMALA is developing a high-quality business park with a prominent place for high-tech industries, sustainable technology and large-scale leisure activities. Next to mentioned partners, industry partners will play an essential role in this collaboration as technology and expertise partners.
The sustainability urban lab will focus on R&D for four themes specifically: Integrated Sensing, Mobility, Energy Management and Visualisation. The three partners expect the results from the four themes will be valuable from a scientific, industry and technical and sustainable urban development point of view. Sustainability within this initiative will be approached from four sides: economic, environmental, social and technical. The sustainability urban lab is expected to be operational from 2015 and should deliver good practices on green IT, to strengthen OMALA’s Airport Garden City and support other cities sustainable development.
The sustainability urban lab is an element within the Computer Science master track Software Engineering and Green IT of the VU University Amsterdam. This is a new master track, launched per September 2014 and is attracting software engineering and information sciences students. Research with and for industry partners is an essential element of this master track, where the sustainability urban lab is expected to make a great contribution.
Currently the three partners are working on the development of a detailed project plan for the sustainability urban lab and talks are taking place with potential industry partners. End of 2014 more information on this will be available.
The sustainability urban lab is one of the results from the European GreenITNet project. Green IT Amsterdam is a leading project partner in GreenITNet. This result and other initiatives will be presented during the final conference of GreenITNet from 28th until 30th of October 2014.
Contact for the VU is dr. Patricia Lago, Software and Services.

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