UvA and VU Tech Labs now virtually together

In an attempt to further collaboration of the UvA and VU Informatics departments, the two UvA Tech Labs (the RoboLab and the UX/Gaming Lab) have been added to the Network Institute web site. This way users of both universities can easily obtain information about all five Tech Labs, see who’s using a lab at which dates and make reservations on-line.
This also enables researchers from the VU to use UvA Tech Labs and vice versa.

The RoboLab of the UvA focusses on facilitating students and researchers to experiment with several different robots and sensor systems. The Lab is for example used to program Nao robots to play RoboCup Soccer. Arnoud Visser  is the lab’s manager.
The UX/Gaming Lab is designed to be used for research and demonstrations within the Informatics Institute. It is especially aimed at hosting experiments with users interacting with multimedia and mobile technology (smart phones, tablets, game console, etc). Frank Nack is the manager of this lab.

For more information please visit the page for each of the labs under the Tech Labs menu entry.

For any information about the Tech Labs, please contact Marco Otte.

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