Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Summer School 2015

Last week, from Sunday evening 14 June until Friday evening 19 June, 31 PhD students and post doc researchers from all over the world attended the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Summer School “Methods for Metaphor Identification and Analysis”. It was an intense and inspiring week, working together on metaphors in both language and images. Participants used identification procedures and discussed the theory on metaphor, under the supervision of Gerard Steen, Susan Nacey and Marianna Bolognesi. They trained the participants in various methods of metaphor identification and analysis that they can now apply in their own work. Of course, there was also time for lunch, dinner, drinks and metaphors in social interaction! At the end of the week, it was hard to say goodbye. Fortunately, we are planning on getting back together next year, during the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Summer School 2016!

We want to thank the Network Institute, the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication and John Benjamins Publishing Company for sponsoring this unique event.
“I’ve had an amazing time and really feel like I learned a lot of new information and skills!”

“It really broadened my horizon on metaphor research”

“This has been an intellectually and socially rewarding week”