Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn (Stanford) talks about Immersive VR Sept 15

As part of the unfolding activities of Network Iinstitute’s VR group, we would be excited if you like to save the date for an upcoming presentation by Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, former Stanford Ph.D. of Jeremy Bailenson. Grace will talk about “Persuasive Technologies: Using Immersive Virtual Environments to Promote Attitude and Behavior Change.”
Grace will visit the VU Communication Science department Tuesday September 15. Her presentation is scheduled for 15:30 – 17:00. The exact room/location at the VU will be announced shortly!
If you like to meet with Grace 1:1 on Tuesday to talk about research, please let me know so that I can bundle and forward requests to her.
Abstract of presentation: 
“Immersive virtual environments offer several novel affordances that allow users to interact with and experience mediated events that were difficult or impossible with traditional media. The effects of these virtual experiences transfer into the physical world to transform attitudes and behavior, shifting our traditional understanding of communication patterns. This talk addresses how immersive virtual environments may be used as tools of persuasion in the realms of health and consumer behavior, discussing the tripartite interactions between reality, virtual reality, and humans.
By the way: Also note the upcoming Dutch VR days in Amsterdam (you can pre-register now)!  – an excellent opportunity to try out VR technology, demos and applications.