Network Institute evaluated “very positively”

The recent national evaluation report on the quality of Computer Science research in The Netherlands speaks very positively about the role of the Network Institute. The Network Institute is mentioned repeatedly in the evaluation of the Computer Science research groups at both VU and UvA, and praises the focus on interdisciplinary research:
“A  major  result  […]  is  the  establishment  of  the  “Network Institute”,  an  interdisciplinary  research  collaboration  concerned  with  the  Networked  World. The  institute  includes  the  impact  of  networks  on  issues  related  to  security  and  privacy.  Its cross-­‐disciplinary  character  is  apparent  as  it  also  includes  the  faculties  of  Humanities,  of  Economics  and  Business,  and  of  Social  Sciences.”

This echo’s a similar view by the research evaluation committee for Communication Sciences in 2015, which also spoke highly of the added value of the Network Institute for the research in the Department.