Tech Labs at ‘VR for Justice’ conference

On December 14, 2018 the University of Twente organised a short conference on the use of XR-technology by anyone working at legal organisations like the Justice department, police, probation offices, criminology and law researchers, etc. The goal was to exchange information and experiences to see how collaboration can further the use of XR-technology.

The Tech Labs joined the conference because of several projects it has been involved in over the past years. We also showed two VR demos. One from Iris van Sintemaartensdijk (PhD student VU) that was used in Dutch prison to assess the usefulness of things like WhatsApp-signs and the presence of people in a modern neighbourhood. The other demo is currently being tested at the Portsmouth University (UK) by Zarah Vernham and looks into the subconscious decisions made by sex-offenders using a modern neighbourhood where at several locations virtual people (adults and children) are present.