VR for rehabilitation following stroke or brain injury

Faviola Dadis, PhD candidate within the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology at the VU, is working in collaboration with prof dr. Erik Scherder and dr. Tilo Hartmann on her VR game “Koji’s Quest,” which aims to change the way people approach cognitive training and neurorehabilitation following a stroke or brain injury. Faviola founded a medtech startup company, NeuroReality, and acquired venture capital funding to support her research. She works with a number of research institutions including the UvA, HvA, University of Coventry, and Purdue, and provides internships for both Bachelor’s and Master’s students from a variety of disciplines—from game design to biomedical sciences. Faviola is always interested in further collaborations, so feel free to contact her!

Koji’s Quest: Crystal Calculation game