Rebuilding a real neighborhood in VR

For our Tech Labs project “Burglary Free Neighborhood” we have finished recreating a part of the actual real neighborhood Lombardijen in Rotterdam. Using the latest High-Definition options available in Unity Pro, we are able to create very realistic virtual environments that can be used with VR headsets or a regular monitor.
Using this HD option does come with a cost, it takes HD assets with high resolution and multiple layers of information. It also means you do need a rather hefty gaming computer with up-to-date hardware to be able to run it without issues. That also means that popular easy-to-use and cheap-to-buy platforms like the Oculus Quest of the Vive Cosmos are not (!) able to run these high-intensity environments!

The results however are awesome. We will be using this HD Render Pipeline more often in our future VR projects.

Here some screen shots of this project. This Virtual Environment will be used later in the year (2020) to conduct research about deterring criminal behavior in neighborhoods.