VR in education

The VMBO college Horizon in Alkmaar are looking for additional methods in their educational program. For their security trainings they want to try to use virtual reality as a training method as this will not only give the students a more realistic way of encountering all sorts of situations, but also make it easier for the teachers. In a virtual environment it’s easy to create multiple situation that can be repeated over and over again. Or easily adapted to a slightly new situation to test students on those pesky details.

The Network Institute’s Tech Labs are helping the Horizon College to setup a simple first trial project to see if VR can indeed help. For this we have reused an existing virtual neighborhood that we have upgraded to the latest quality and features.
To this we’ve added several situations to test the students. These situation include; wrongly parked cars, a bike wreck on the street and garbage at a location where it is not allowed. Students will have to navigate through the neighborhood and try to spot all the situation the teacher has enabled. They will have to note what is wrong and where.
Afterwards the program gives an overview of all the situation plus the issue at hand so the teacher and student can easily compare notes.