Tech Labs busy in Corona lockdown

Even though the University’s campus has been closed down and the physical Tech Labs are closed, the workload has not slackened! We are of course not able to perform and support any lab-based research, such as Virtual Reality based-research. However, several existing projects have been redone from their original setup to a web-based setup. Some of these are already collecting data, others are still being adapted and tested. Still others are brand new and focus on our current Corona crisis.

Two examples:

A research group from the Communication department of the VU University, headed by Diamantis Petropoulos Petalas, is currently working with the Tech Labs to create a web-based application that studies personal freedom versus public risk during the Corona crisis. The application will likely go live for data collection near the end of May.

Another web-based application, converted from mobile, is the Neurofilament Light (NfL for short) application that will serve as a tool for doctors in assessing a patient’s profile compared to a large neuro-degenerate diseases data set. We hope to publish this application in the coming months as more data becomes available.