Tech Labs moved to NU

As of September the Tech Labs of the Network Insittute have moved to the NU building on the VU campus. Our brand new location is situated on the 7th floor of this magnificent buidling overlooking the campus square in all its glory.
At this location we have a new Cubicle Lab that replaces the old MediaLab in the Main Building. The Cubicle Lab work with noise absorbing high room dividers that offer plenty of visual and auditory separation between participants. It also offers additional protection to participants against the Corona virus. The main differences with our old locations are:

  • Availability of high-end computers and complete flexibility in using hard- and software
  • Extremely flexible in configuration fitting up to 11 participants at one time and maintaining safety concerning Corona.
  • Because of the flexibility the room can also be used without any room dividers for instance for VR research.

The second lab is our trusted Game Cella’ Lab. In its new location this large and completely flexible space can be used for virtually any type of research. Some highlights are:

  • Setup is 100% flexible. Use it as a cubicle setup using large room dividers or use it as a complete open space for VR research or anything else.
  • An OptiTrack professional tracking system will be installed over the next weeks offering not only more options in using VR, but also offering tracking for non-VR research.

Our office, which is located between the two labs, not only offers room for development of your research hard- and software, but also room for small scale research and additional desks for users needing high-end computers or other lab equipment. Our office space offers:

  • A small scale VR setup
  • Possibility of three cubicles with any equipment needed
  • Desks for users needing special hard- or software

And of course, our labs at NU are setup to handle all the necessary Corona measures and then some. We use a variety of measures ranging from markers on the floor to UV-C radiation to clean our VR equipment! For more information about our Corona Protocol please download it here or contact us at

Supplies for Corona protection waiting to be used.

Game Cella’ Lab during the move.

Tech Labs Office during the move.

Tech Labs office mini lab.

Storage room.

First Corona protective measures in place!