Linked Data projects at the Network Institute

The Network Institute is featured in a recent blog on DBpedia! It explains our Academy Assistants program and shows a couple of examples that fit in the Linked Data area of research.

Network Institute Academy Assistant (NIAA)  

Through a variety of activities, many VU researchers have benefited from their Network Institute-based collaborations, and the institute has introduced interdisciplinary research work to a generation of young VU scholars. One of the ways through which this is organized is through the NI Academy Assistants programme. With the Network Institute Academy Assistant (NIAA) program the Network Institute aims to interest bright young master students for conducting scientific research and pursuing an academic career. The program brings together scientists from different disciplines; every project combines methods & themes from informatics, social sciences and/or humanities. For each project, 2 or 3 student research assistants work together. Since 2010, several projects have included a Semantic Web or Linked Data component and several directly used or reflected on DBpedia information.”

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