Use advanced Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality

Since about a year the Tech Labs are in possession of the HTC Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headsets. These top-level VR headsets have integrated eye tracking that offers all sorts of new possibilities for research. Already we’ve created several virtual environments (i.e. Inbraakvrije wijk Rotterdam, Helping householders preventing Burglaries) using this technology.In it’s basic form it offers easy detection of where the participant is looking. But it can also tell you at what objects the participant is looking and for how long. On top of that we can also record gaze position and create a video with this gaze position overlayed for later analysis. Other information is also available such as movement of the eyes and blinking.

But it’s also possible to delve deeper into using virtual reality headsets by exploring the effects of Foveated Focussing, a technique which promises to reduce Cyber Sickness.

And soon we will also have the Facial Tracker add-on which enable facial expression detection to further extent the information you can collect from the reaction of the participant! If you have any ideas, questions or even research suggestions, please feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help. And no, we won’t start by telling you how much money you need to bring along!