Advanced tracking at the Tech Labs

Recently the Tech Labs have installed a professional high-level tracking system for multiple use. The system is an OptiTrack system using multiple (18) highly accurate cameras that can track multiple persons and objects in our large lab space.
Due to the size of the lab (9x7m) and the flexibility of the tracking system, this tracking system can be used for many different applications. To give a few examples:

  • Makes it easy to use a large space for a walk-around VR application. Have your participant move freely in the room whilst experiencing any imaginable Virtual Environment.
  • Have multiple users inside your Virtual Environment.
  • Control an avatar live in a virtual environment.
  • Track not only where the user is, but choose from basic body tracking (feet, hands, head) or full-body tracking (including fingers).
  • Track objects in the room. This way you can use real objects that are represented accurately in the Virtual Environment.
  • Use it outside VR and track any objects you want. Be it people, chairs, robots or anything with a marker attached to it.
  • Use it to record animations for natural avatar animation with no of little editing.

We’re planning to install extra cameras in the coming weeks and after testing this extended system, we’ll be open for tracking business! So please, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and ideas about using our OptiTrack tracking system.