Tech Labs opening at the NU-building

In the beginning of October the Network Institute Tech Labs will finally open its doors at its new location in the NU-building. At our new location we are proud to present two brand new lab spaces and a workspace for anyone who needs high-tech equipment.
Due to current Corona measures and the specific nature of some types of research, we still implement a strict Corona Protocol ( ) and will discuss the consequences of the measures for each experiment with the researcher(s) involved. This way we make sure that we will give you the best and the safest support possible!

Let’s take a quick look at what the new Tech Labs have to offer.

Lab spaces
Our two main lab spaces are located on floor 7B of the NU building.
Our Cubicle Lab is a room where we can set up a cubicle-style configuration using large (1.8×1.8m) sound dampening room dividers to create a 10 cubicles for participants. Each cubicle can be equipped with a desk, a chair, a high-end computer capable of running any software you can imagine and any other equipment we have. The Cubicle lab can also be configured as a large open space to use for other types of experiments such as those using VR. Many other configurations are possible.
Our Game Cella’ Lab is our large lab measuring 9x7m giving even more flexibility and options. This room too can be configured in a cubicle-style setup, but it’s best use is when your research needs a larger open space. This lab also features our high-end tracking system that can track many persons and objects  and nearly anything you can think of!
Our Work Space is where our office is, but it can also be used as an extra lab space offering three flexible cubicle-style desks or a small VR location. We also have plenty of desk space with high-end computers that you can use if you need the extra graphical and computing power. You are welcome to come over and use our systems for anything you need. Like image editing, video editing, audio editing, data crunching, programming, you name it and if you do not have the needed equipment we’ll do our best to help!

Full support
As always doing research with technology is not always about having computers installed with the right software and bringing participants in. Often is requires a lot of thought and discussion to get everything in order. That’s why we offer Full Support. We can help from the very first question or idea about using some technology for your research to final data analysis and writing technical paragraphs for publication. We strongly believe on doing it together. In understanding what your research is all about so we can help in the very best way we can.
Don’t worry, using our Tech Labs does not mean it will always cost you money! Let’s talk about your needs and ideas first. We’ve rarely had to disappoint a researcher and we always try to help even if our Tech Labs are not the answer you need!

Contact us!
So we hope to see you at our new location in the near future! Please contact us if you want to have a look or to discuss your ideas for your research using our Tech Labs facilities.