Poster Presentation Session: Academy Projects 2021

Yesterday (23/03/2022), we had a ‘Poster Presentation’ session by the Academy Assistants for their projects. We had 7 enthusiastic teams, each with two Academy Assistants and two Supervisors who presented the progress in their interdisciplinary work using amazing posters. Many researchers and students within Vrije Universiteit attended the session. They learned about the projects and gave insightful feedback. More than 40 people were present for this session. The projects combine different methods & themes from informatics, social sciences, and/or humanities. The following projects were presented (please see the Academy Projects 2021 for more information):

  • Effect of Gender Diversity on Threat and Risk Analysis of Outcome Quality
  • Exploring Deep Learning strategies for Effective Knowledge Transfer in Epitope Prediction
  • Facilitating Translational Team Science
  • Horizons of Interest: the Geographical Scope of Knowledge in Early Modern Chronicles
  • Interpretability Metrics for Neural Models of Text Adequacy
  • Social Co-Presence in Political Negotiations Using VR
  • What makes a Good Teacher? Modeling Inter-Individual Differences in Humans who Teach Agents



The Academy Assistants along with their Supervisors will continue their inspiring work with final presentations due in July. Apart from the monthly progress meetings with the Network Institute, we have also planned an Educational Meeting in June to help progress the research knowledge, skills of the Assistants.

The Network Institute Academy Assistant (NIAA) program aims to interest bright young master students in conducting scientific research and pursuing an academic career. The program brings together scientists from different disciplines. For each project, 2 or 3 student research assistants work together. The projects result in papers and/or research proposals. The program started in 2010 with 4 projects funded by the KNAW.