The Network Institute funds 8 research visits at the VU

The Network Institute initiated a new “NI Research visits” program. With this program, the Network Institute offers scholars an opportunity to spend up to one month at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to conduct research on the themes of digital society in collaboration with researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This way, the Network Institute continues to develop interdisciplinary collaboration within, and beyond, our university.

We were excited to receive 17 applications for research visits from 9 different departments across 5 faculties showing that a theme of the digital society is being studied at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam by multiple disciplines and using various methods. This also shows that there is great potential for collaboration and we hope these research visits will provide a fruitful ground to support and develop them further on. A review committee granted funding to 8 applications. The applications show a wide range of methods and topics connected to research in digital society. To show the breadth of the themes being covered by the proposed research visits, we created a word cloud based on the problem statements of the 8 winning applications.

The review committee selected the applications based on criteria of research proposal quality, quality of the expected outcomes, relevance for the Network Institute themes, and available funding. We are very happy to share that the 8 winning applications are (alphabetically by visitor):

Visitor Host(s) Project title
Kaczmarek, Łukasz Dominik (Adam Mickiewicz University)


Gislene Feiten Haubrich, Ella Hafermalz, Maura Soekijad Dealing with complexity in new ways of working: Personas in action
Khosravi, Bayan (Mehralborz Higher Education Institute) Mohammad Hosein Rezazade Mehrizi The Exclusive Consequences of Using AI in Health: Physician-Patient Relationship and AI Expertise
Manzar, Abner (Digital Empowerment Foundation) Ivar E. Vermeulen Flagging Disinformation on Twitter. Effects on Cognitive, Conative and Behavioral Outcomes
Naderer, Brigitte (LMU Munich) Teun Zuiderent-Jerak Digital Reconnections: Reuniting Homeless People in India with their Families
Nielsen, Lene (IT University Copenhagen) Andreu Casas Salleras Hitchhikers’ guide to lawmaking: Window into how laws are made.
Sciubba, Maria Eleonora (Tilburg University) Elliott Hoey Swearing offline and online in the era of digital society
Wilkerson, John (University of Washington) Ewa Międzobrodzka The positive effects of playing digital games on emotions and health