Network Institute Research Lunch

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you for the first monthly VU’s Network Institute Research Lunch on Thursday October 20th from 12h-13.30 in room 5A47 of the NU Building. 

The research team of the Network Institute would like to foster more professional and colloquial interactions between all the different scholars of our university working on our digitalizing societies. To do so, we are starting with monthly Research Lunches during which we can hear about each other’s work, provide feedback, and mostly, get to know each other personally. This will hopefully stimulate more cooperation between all the researchers and departments of the Network Institute.

In the future, we’d like the organization of the Research Lunches to be really bottom up, so all NI Members can come up with themes to organize the lunches around. So if you have any ideas, please contact Jaron Harambam. For the first few times, we will kickstart the lunches with some ideas of our own. This time, we have invited the winners of last years’ NI Research Vouchers to talk about their projects and how the NI Vouchers have stimulated their collaborative work.

Tijs van den Broek (Organization Sciences) and Anna Wegmann (Computer Sciences) will speak about “Perspective-taking in webcare: how can public organizations respond to social media comments to encourage debate and promote their causes?” (a project together with Ana Loureiro Lopes, Communication Science)
Kim Baraka (Computer Science) will speak about “Human-robot teaching interactions inspired by dog training” (a project together with Daniel Preciado Vanegas, Communication Science).
Myrthe Reuver (Computational Linguistics) will speak about “Reasons for online (dis)trust in sustainable initiatives” (a project together with Ana Loureiro Lopes, Communication Science).

Fascinating projects to hear more about, so come join us on the first monthly NI Research Lunch on Thursday October 20th from 12h-13.30 at NU 5A-47. Lunch will be provided. Please register here before Tuesday October 18th.

NI’s Research Team