European Funding for XR Research

Have you heard about the European Media and Immersion Lab (EMIL)? Their mission is to accelerate the development of virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality technologies and applications. They might be of interest to you as they are providing funding for exciting projects in these fields. And you can apply for it.

What about the funding? “The EMIL consortium partners will support and guide the funded Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP) projects towards their goals. The EMIL network is an open network looking for new members and growth and it will also entice more members through the two FSTP calls, providing funding in the range of 250,000-500,000€ per selected project, with an indicative duration of 15 months to ensure focused effort. FSTP funding is aimed at projects by outstanding technology developers, media innovators, SMEs, academia, and others that enable new ways of creative storytelling and interaction through immersive media technologies. The total funding to be provided to all FSTP by EMIL is 5,600,000€.” More information can be found on their website.

At the Immersive Tech Week last December, they spoke about the projects they are currently funding; the development of smart garments (e.g., gloves and shirts), sports training and rehabilitation through exergaming (technology-driven physical activities) as well as storytelling through AR in museums. In case this sparked any ideas, the first call for funding closes on January 31st and the second call in August. We hope to see your name on the list of funded projects in the future.