The reports of the 2022 research visits are available now

The research visits are our initiative for enabling interdisciplinary research across Universities worldwide.
In October/November 2022 we hosted 7 research visitors from all over the world to collaborate with VU researchers.

For those who are interested in the types of projects our visitors carried out, here is the list, together with a link to their final report with the details.

Guest Project Period Material
Lukasz Dominik Kaczmarek (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland) The positive effects of playing digital games on emotions and health November 2022 Final report
Brigitte Naderer (LMU Munich, Germany) Flagging Disinformation on Twitter. Effects on Cognitive, Conative and Behavioral Outcomes November 2022 Final report
Eleonora Sciubba (Tilburg University, The Netherlands) Swearing offline and online in the era of digital society November 2022 Final report
Abner Manzar (New Delhi, India) Digital Reconnections: Reuniting Homeless People in India with their Families November 2022 Final report
Bayan Khosravi (Mehralborz Higher Education Institute, Tehran, Iran) The Exclusive Consequences of Using AI in Health: Physician-Patient Relationship and AI Expertise November 2022 Final report
John Wilkerson (University of Washington, USA) Hitchhikers’ guide to lawmaking: Window into how laws are made October 2022 Final report
Lene Nielsen (IT University Copenhagen, Denmark) Dealing with complexity in new ways of working: personas in action October 2022 Final report