Append Us Apart, the 4th art installation of the Network Institute is live today!

The title of the art installation is Append Us Apart

The use of Large Language Models has exploded since OpenAI provided access to their ‘ChatGPT’ model. This created a big wave of glorification of the model, but also criticism: makers were not transparent enough about the development process, the environmental impact is vast, users could attribute human features to the output and some questions about moral and legal implications remain unanswered. In ‘Append Us Apart.’, the visitor is asked to handle text generators in a different context and form than from their private devices. The visitors make a (displaced) collective effort into creating a physical, permanent form of their Questions and Answers. Should you leave your piece as part of this collaborative effort?
Do you see yourself reflected in the output? How does it make you feel?
Read more about the project here.

The work is created by Daan Wijnhorst (Computer Science) and funded by the VU Network Institute.

It is placed at the ground floor of the NU building. Come by to see it!