NIAA 2023 Kick-Off Event

The Network Institute’s Academy Assistant (NIAA) program is kicking off its 14th year on the 11th October!

When: 11th October 3:15-5:15pm

Where: NU4A67

The NIAA funds 10-15 research positions which undertake projects leading to a proposal or published paper in one year. These projects aim to give valuable and paid research experience for master students. They are always multidisciplinary, often tying together social science/humanities and computer science, in line with the NI’s vision. See for instance our NIAA spotlight about the “Protein Transformers” project which resulted in a paper published in Nature. 

This year’s 6 selected projects will involve:

  • Determining what visual elements attract viewers of paintings and Instagram photos
  • An AI-driven chatbot enabling undocumented people to access healthcare
  • Using a social robot to stimulate children’s reading motivation and comprehension
  • Developing another social robot for personalised cooking instructions
  • Making Amsterdam renewable energy cooperatives more inclusive
  • Using computer vision to anticipate when protests turn violent

See a description of this year’s projects and their supervisors here

Kick-Off Event

On Wednesday, October 11, the project supervisors will briefly pitch their projects, followed by drinks and snacks:

  • 15:15 Welcome & Intro
  • 15:20 Meet the Network Institute
  • 15:30 Practical information
  • 15:45 Short project presentations by supervisors
  • 16:30: Drinks and snacks
  • 17:15 End