Creating Secure Societies Networking Session

The University of Twente and the VU’s synergistic “Creating Secure Societies” impact coalition is culminating in another meeting next month:

When: 22nd November 2023, 2-6pm

Where: University of Twente, at the Designlab, room LEARN-X

Sign-up: here

This synergy (find out more here) aims to tackle crisis management, subversive crime and polarisation notably. Dealing with crises can have unintended consequences therefore it is crucial to involve all those affected: citizens, social parties, business, the government and science. An early warning system helps to buy time for instance, before a crisis hits. Subversive crime becomes easier as the underworld and the upper world become increasingly intertwined. Using a sniffer drone allows for the ever-proliferating drug labs to be quickly detected for example. Lastly, polarisation- where contrast between groups increases- can be reduced through the use of virtual reality, to generate empathy for example.

The impact coalition conducts agenda-setting, gathers, disseminates and develops knowledge on these topics. Come and hear about their latest insights on the 22nd November, including from: Twente University Center for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR), Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering (CVD), UT Centre for Disaster Resilience (CDR), Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR).

See the full program below: