How about Corona?

At the moment we still have a Corona Protocol in place. Running research with participants comes with risks which we want to help minimize. Please check out Corona page or contact us.

What hardware is available at the Tech Labs?

Just to give you an idea, this list is not all-inclusive! High-end computers. VR-setups (Vive, Quest, others), Eye Tracking, Sensors (biophysical and others), Video recording & editing, Audio recording & editing, Professional tracking system & more…

What can the Tech Labs do for me?

Help you get you research done! We can help think along from the very first rough idea to the creation of custom software and hardware, data processing to the writing of a tech paragraph.

Where are the Tech Labs?

The Tech Labs are located on the 7th floor of the NU building on the VU campus. You need to take the B-elevators to get to the correct corner.

Who can use the Tech Labs?

Anyone! Whether you are a student, teacher or researcher anyone who wants to conduct an experiment and needs help or a space to run the experiment is welcome.