Art installations

How do Technology and Society shape each other? What are the opportunities or threats that Technology brings to Society? What do we need to understand better about the influence that Technology can have on humans, groups, organisations, communities, culture, or religions?

At the Network Institute we strongly believe that art is a key instrument for better understanding/reflecting on the Digital Society. As such, art can help researchers in framing questions that are difficult to formulate, and in finding their scientific answers. Complementarily, art is a direct means for researchers to create and showcase their creativity and inspire/provoke people on the deep questions at the heart of the Digital Society.

The Network Institute promotes and funds art installations related to the Digital Society. Art installations can take any form and can discuss any aspect at the intersection between technology and society, and the impacts of technology on human life, society, and culture.

Our art installations

(re)think the role of smart sensors in the digital age
There are smart cameras all around us in the public space. From the police, the city government, big and small companies, and from residents. We may have become used to them by now and feel safe because of them. But these camera’s analyse us with artificial intelligence. And they store these analyses somewhere with a specific purpose. ‘(re)think the role of smart sensors in the digital age’ questions this development. The video installation explores the space between what smart cameras currently do and what they might do in the near future. By doing so we encourage ongoing conversations. How do we want smart surveillance to evolve? Immerse yourself in the installation, talk about it with fellow students and university staff, and let your voice be heard! [Read more]