TED Talks Training

Communicating your research is one of the essential career skills to enhance your scientific and societal impact. Learn how to tell your story with the Network Institute’s exclusive TED Talk Master Class! Participants will practice public speaking and learn how … Continue reading

Aurora workshop on “Digital nomads: living in a society of digital enterprises”

The workshop on Digital Nomads – Living in a Society of Digital Employees will discuss how society, employers and employees may deal with the new way of working in the digital society, and how to contribute from a scientific perspective. … Continue reading

Call for Network Institute Academy Assistant Projects 2022

The Network Institute’s (NI) Academy Assistants program (NIAA) is now entering its 13th year. Initially funded through a KNAW grant and aimed at combining social sciences and computer science research, it has since been adopted by the Network Institute and … Continue reading

Launch event of the Use-Me Art and Science projects!

Last week was the launch event of the Use-Me Art and Science project. The project challenges the VU community to think critically about the recursive relationship between technology and society. For example, what are the opportunities and threats that technology … Continue reading

TED talks training sessions at the Network Institute

The Network Institute is organizing TED Talk training sessions in May in which participants will learn how to make their message more accessible and convincing when speaking in public. The presentation skills you will gain are immediately useful for several … Continue reading

Poster Presentation Session: Academy Projects 2021

Yesterday (23/03/2022), we had a ‘Poster Presentation’ session by the Academy Assistants for their projects. We had 7 enthusiastic teams, each with two Academy Assistants and two Supervisors who presented the progress in their interdisciplinary work using amazing posters. Many … Continue reading

Virtually Bad

This project introduces the concept of “virtual bad guys”: intelligent virtual agents that take a negative or even aggressive stance towards the user. Although they pave the way to various interesting applications, it is hard to create virtual bad guys … Continue reading