To advance interdisciplinary research on the digital society, the Network Institute employs several funding instruments.

  • Our hallmark funding scheme is the Network Institute Academy Assistant (NIAA) program, which each year funds 10-15 positions for excellent student assistants to work with staff in small interdisciplinary research groups on highly focused projects.
  • Every two years, we hand out three Industry Research Vouchers in a competitive round, allowing NI researchers to work together with a company on a valorization project for a period of one (full) month.
  • In addition, there is an open program to sponsor (usually with € 500) events and initiatives by NI members which help us to pursue our agenda of advancing interdisciplinary research on the digital society. For more information, e-mail Ivar Vermeulen:
  • We also actively endorse Open Access Publishing by offering to reimburse € 500 in fees for your open access-published paper (first come, first served).

More funding programs are on the way; we will keep you posted!