Our events

Event Location Date
NIAA End-of-the-Year Event VU, Amsterdam 6th July, 2022
Connecting Worlds Conference VU, Amsterdam 31st June & 1st July, 2022
Aurora workshop on “Digital nomads” Neth-ER office, Brussels 14th June, 2022
NIAA Educational Meeting 2nd VU, Amsterdam 8th June, 2022
Surf XR on tour VU, Amsterdam 7th June, 2022
Use-me project Launch Event VU, Amsterdam April 13th, 2022
Use-me Introduction to Processing and p5.js VU, Amsterdam April 22nd, 2022
Use-me Interactive installations VU, Amsterdam April 29th, 2022
NIAA Poster Presentation VU, Amsterdam 23rd March, 2022
Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Digital Society (IWDS) 2021 VU, Amsterdam February 18th 2022
NIAA Educational Meeting-1st VU, Amsterdam 8th February, 2022
NIAA Kick-off Meeting VU, Amsterdam 13th October, 2022