The mission of the Network Institute is to advance interdisciplinary research on the digital society. Digital technology is changing society. At the same time, new societal problems call for new technological solutions. Digital technologies and societal processes thus become increasingly entwined. To study how both interact, an interdisciplinary approach is called for. The Network Institute aims to facilitate the emergence of such challenging interdisciplinary collaborations.

Document Forensics

Analysing large numbers of documents is a common and time-consuming task. For instance, investigating unsavoury business practices (e.g., slavery, fraud, bribery) can involve processing large numbers of contracts, yearly reports and external (news) sources that may reflect on a company’s … Continue reading

Heattweet: Exploring the link between weather and aggression on social media

Recently, meteorological conditions (e.g., temperature) have been linked to expressed sentiment on social media (Baylis et al., 2018). In this project we focus on the influence of meteorological conditions on expressions of interpersonal and intergroup aggression in social media messages, … Continue reading