Research lunches

The research team of the Network Institute is fostering more professional and colloquial interactions between all the different scholars of our university working on our digitalizing societies. To do so, we are organizing monthly Research Lunches during which we can hear about each other’s work, provide feedback, and mostly, get to know each other personally. This stimulates more cooperation between all the researchers and departments of the Network Institute.

The organization of the Research Lunches is bottom up, so all NI Members can come up with themes to organize the lunches around. So if you have any ideas, please fill this form.

We always have fascinating projects to hear about, so come join us on our monthly NI Research Lunches every second Thursday of the month! Lunch will be provided.

Registration is required, mostly for planning our catering and room setup. Click here to register the next NI Research Lunches!

Material about the previous research lunches

Below you can find the list of research themes/projects we discussed in the previous research lunches, together with their material, slides, etc.

Theme Researchers/guests Material Date
AI in Regional Journalism TBA 11/07/2024
Generative AI for Research Francesco Balocco and Ella Hafermalz (KIN Center for Digital Innovation) June, Day TBA
Digital Phenotyping: Chances and Challenges Karin Bogdanova (TU Delft), Janika Thielecke (TNO) and Aneta Lisowska (VU) Hosted by Renate Baumgartner (Athena Institute – VU) 14/05/2024
Meet the Academy Assistants NIAA supervisors and assistants 14/03/2024
Meet the Research Support Department Research support department Slides science in the cloud
Slides open science
Religion on Social Media & Metaphors in Tech Communication Gudrun Reijnierse & Aletta Meinsma; Willem van Peursen & Yusuf Çelik 9/11/2023
Human-interactive agent learning Emmanuel Senft (Idiap, Switzerland) Slides 12/10/2023
Valorization and professional development IXA & IXA-GO representatives Slides 21/9/2023
Social Science x Computer Science Bianca Suanet, Kees Boersma, Koen Hindriks 6/6/2023
NIAA information & match-making Lea Lösch, Andreu Casas Salleras Slides 11/5/2023
Human Robot Interaction Mike Ligthart, Jaap Kruijt, Peggy van Minkelen 13/4/2023
Interdisciplinary co-working session on CollAction Tom Siebring (CollAction) 9/3/2023
The interdisciplinary trap? Slides 8/12/2022
Video gaming as an affective research paradigm
Lukas Kaczmarek (Psychology)
The effects of exposure to VR vs desktop games on spatial presence, flow, and positive emotions Ewa Międzobrodzka (Psychology) and Melissa Quirijnen (Communication Science) Slides 17/11/2022
Perspective-taking in webcare: how can public organizations respond to social media comments to encourage debate and promote their causes? (a project together with Ana Loureiro Lopes, Communication Science) Tijs van den Broek (Organization Sciences) and Anna Wegmann (Computer Sciences) Slides 18/10/2022
Human-robot teaching interactions inspired by dog training (a project together with Daniel Preciado Vanegas, Communication Science) Kim Baraka (Computer Science) Slides 18/10/2022
Reasons for online (dis)trust in sustainable initiatives” (a project together with Ana Loureiro Lopes, Communication Science) Myrthe Reuver (Computational Linguistics) Slides 18/10/2022


  • Lea Lösch (Athena Institute)
  • Giulia Scapin (Communication Science)