Research Vouchers

To enable businesses to collaborate with scientific researchers and to give those researchers an application of their work and interests in society, the Network Institute offers Research Vouchers. These vouchers are worth 5.000 euros and can be used to “buy” a researchers time, invest in joint development, or have a company create something special for new research. The key to receiving a Research Voucher is that both the researcher and the company have to profit from the collaboration.
The Network Institute tries to organise a Science-Meets-Business event every year to let interested researchers and companies meet, pitch ideas for collaboration and network. If a researcher and a company think they might have a good idea, they write a short proposal (no more than 1 page). The proposals are then judged and the best are awarded with a Research Voucher.
If you are a Network Institute researcher or a company that is interested in joining one of these Science-Meets-Business events, please let us know!