The Network Institute counts more than 400 members in total.

Our board is composed of more than 20 researchers belonging to various departments of the VU, ranging from Computer Science, to Communication Science, Organization Sciences, LLC, KIN, and Athena. The board is organized around 5 teams, each with complementary goals.

  • Academy – train and support promising VU students in doing interdiscplinary research
  • Tech labs – facilitate VU research with our high-tech laboratories (e.g., Virtual reality environments, sensors, augemented reality)
  • Research – promote collaboration among VU researchers via direct funding, events, etc.
  • Outreach and transfer – build relationships with stakeholders outside the VU (e.g., companies, NGOs, governmental institutions)
  • Community – engage researchers and citizens (both inside and outside the VU) via social media, events, etc.

Former members

  • Christine Moser, Organization Sciences
  • Roser Morante, Language, Literature and Communication
  • Jaap Ouwerkerk, Communication Sciences
  • Christine Moser, Organization Sciences
  • Jaap Ouwerkerk, Commmunication Sciences
  • Roser Morante, Language, Literature and Communication
  • Dayana Spagnuelo, Computer Science
  • Yentl Dudink, Social Sciences
  • Karya Odabasi, Organization Sciences
  • Mario Sosa Hidalgo, KIN