Corona virus measures

[updated 22 November 2021]

Tech Labs Corona Protocol (v1.5) is available for download.

In light of the updated measures concerning the Corona virus, the Network Institute has decided to suspend all research that needs physical lab space. If you do need to make use of one of our Tech Labs, please get in touch with us (see below) to discuss your needs and find a solution that works for you. As always for all intended use of the Tech Labs, please contact us before finalizing any plans so we can make sure we can support you in the very best way possible.

You can still get support! Creating custom solutions for research often takes time. Time to discuss what your needs are and what is technically possible. Time to create and test your specific support solution. So whatever your technical needs are, please do contact us (see below)!

We have updated our Tech Labs Corona Protocol and are ready to resume supporting your research. Our protocol does implement more measures than are needed elsewhere on campus. The nature of most of our research carries an increased risk of spreading the virus and so we need additional protective measures. Our protocol explains everything!

Our technical support for advise, development and testing custom made solution for your research are available as always. If you want to opt for on-line based research or choose to start your project early so they’ll be ready to to on-site research as soon as possible.

So do not hesitate to contact us! We don’t mind answering your questions!