Corona virus measures

[updated 18 August 2021]

Tech Labs Corona Protocol (v1.00) is available for download.

In light of the updated measures concerning the Corona virus, the Network Institute has decided to extend the suspension of all on-site activity at its labs until mid September 2021. We hope to start opening the Tech Labs by then with finishing the installation of our labs in the NU building.
Until then there can be no research or education until that data at any of our physical lab locations in the NU building. Only strictly necessary research that cannot be postponed or modified to online-based can still stake place. Then only with the permission of the researcher’s manager and the Tech Labs and in consultation with the VU Campus Team Corona. Please refer to the VU base protocol on location-based research (Location Based Research at the VU – requires login).

We have completed and tested our Tech Labs Corona Protocol and are ready to resume supporting your research as soon as national, local and VU measures allow.

Our technical support for advise, development and testing custom made solution for your research is still available as always. Many researcher are opting for on-line based research or choose to start their project early so they’ll be ready to to on-site research as soon as possible. Research the Tech Labs can help with by giving advise about how to tackle your on-line research, developing robust and state-of-the-art web applications and integrating this into your favorite on-line research platform.

So do not hesitate to contact us! We don’t mind answering your questions!