Game Cella’ VU

The Game Cella’ Lab is a general use high-tech flexibel lab with equipment and support.  The large space offers you endless possibilities to create environments specifically suited for your research. Anything from a living room to a cubicle-style setup to a mutli-user Virtual Reality setting is possible. The broad range of equipment makes it possible to use, create and adapt almost any hard- and software you think off. If it’s not there, we’ll do our best to create it for you or help you gain access to trusted 3rd party companies. If you need help, don’t worry, we will help or do it for you.

What does the Game Cella’ offer you?

  • Large (7x10m) flexible space
  • Movable workstation blocks for general use or cubicle-style experiments
  • Multiple VR options, including Oculus Rift CV, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro, Pimax 8k, Valve Index
  • Haptic feedback suit
  • Full-body motion capture
  • Game consoles
  • Physiological sensors (ECG, BVP, EEG, Resp)
  • Eye Tracking – in VR headsets and stand-alone
  • Electronics workbench
  • Software suites for graphics, 3D modelling, animation, game-building, etc
  • Large data storage capacity
  • Workstations for creation and processing of any type of data
  • Large projection screen with surround-sound
  • Video and audio recording and editing equipment
  • Large data storage capacity
  • 3D printing

How to get there?

The Game Cella’ Lab is located in the NU Building on the VU Campus in room 7B37. After entering through the main entrance, continue walking towards the back and use one of the B-elevators. Go to the 7th floor. Once there go right through the doors and right again and you’ll be facing the lab.

The address is:
De Boelelaan 1111
1081HV Amsterdam


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