UX/Gaming Lab UvA

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The UX/Gaming Lab is designed to be used for research and demonstrations within the Informatics Institute. It is especially aimed at hosting experiments with users interacting with multimedia and mobile technology.

You can find the UX/Gaming Lab at room: Science Park C3.154A.
To get access please contact Frank Nack.

What does the UX/Gaming Lab offer you?

  • OUYA gaming console (1 controller)
  • Play Station 4 gaming console (1 controller)
  • Play Station 3 gaming console (1 controller)
  • xBox 360 gaming console (1 controller, Kinect xBox 360)
  • xBox ONE gaming console (1 controller)
  • Wii-U gaming console (1 controller)
  • Nexus 7 tablets
  • HTC Desire HD
  • ACER Liquid Glow


To make a reservation, please use the Reservation Form link in the menu.
Please note that items with a [Option] suffix are not yet approved by the Tech Lab team.