Ted Talks Training

TED talks training sessions at the Network Institute

TED talks may seem effortless and smooth if one learns how to deliver proper speech. When approached with the necessary training, TED talks can offer an accessible yet thorough platform for broadcasting the diverse and high-quality research.

The Network Institute is organizing TED Talk training sessions in May in which participants will learn how to make their message more accessible and convincing when speaking in public. The presentation skills you will get are immediately useful for several purposes, from chairing a meeting to giving any public or specialized talk, etc. It will contribute to the quality of your outreach potential and also in your personal research contexts.

The training is free of charge and it is open to all members of:

  • Computer Science department
  • Communication Science department
  • Organization Sciences department
  • Language, Literature and Communication department
  • KIN
  • Athena Institute

The training involves one masterclass of 2,5 hours in the skills of storytelling and the construction of an inviting and exciting talk in a group. The training will take place live and can also be tailored to address online presentations skills. The masterclass will take place in a group of five people.

The training is offered by Geerteke van Lierop, actress, writer and presentation coach who trains TEDtalk speakers, and also staff at various Faculties at the VU.

Please register as soon as possible and before April 20, 2022. In this first round of training we have capacity for 20 trainees, if we will receive more than 20 enrolments, we will do a lottery and the 20 lucky participants will be be part of the training. Click here to register to the TED talk training

The contact points of this initiative is Ioana Vrabiescu, feel free to reach out to her in case something is not clear!

Sincerely yours,

NI Research Cluster Team