NIAA: End-of-year Celebration

We will celebrate a year of insightful Academy Assistant Projects on Wednesday, July 3rd at NU-04A06. Come and join us to see what this year’s projects were about and take part in a special edition Network Institute Research Bingo! Our Academy Assistants will give poster pitches about their work and are happy to chat about their experience and insights.

See the academy projects in detail here, but these can be summarized as touching upon: renewable energy cooperatives, visual cues in paintings and Instagram.  Also robot- cooking instructor, reading tutor for children and chatbot for undocumented people.

The full project titles are:

  • I saw it happen! Developing Automatic Recognition of Emotional Turning-Points in Protests
  • Renewable Energy Cooperatives: can digital technologies and platforms foster an inclusive and just energy transitions in Amsterdam?
  • Social Robots for Personalized Cooking Instructions
  • The Robot Bookworm: Stimulating Children’s Reading Motivation and Comprehension
  • Towards a customized AI-driven chatbot for undocumented people
  • Valuing visuals: What elements attract viewers of paintings and Instagram photos?